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Warning! When using the logos of this site, you must take into consideration that those are not clip arts, but a collection of original and law-protected logotypes and trademarks.

Unfortunately, today we often see defective and marred versions of the same logotype/trademark. It is the result of designers' unprofessional work because in the absence of the original logotype/trademark they often use low-quality print outs or a deformed plastic and unconsciously distort the logotype/trademark.
   The main goal of this site is to give an opportunity to designers and other interested individuals to use the copyright version of a logotype/trademark and to offer it to designers in its original and exact form. The logotypes and trademarks posted in this site can be opened with Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand and CorelDraw. All logotypes/trademarks are available in EPS format (after you download the logotype/trademark, just open it with one of the above mentioned programs).
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